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Chlorinated Rubber Cover Coating

Chlorinated Rubber Cover Coating

The chlorinated rubber cover coating (chlorinated rubber paint) is made of chlorinated rubber, pigments, plasticizer, additives, solvents, and more. The paint film of this chlorinated rubber cover coating (chlorinated rubber paint) is tough, with weather, water and chemical resistance. This chlorinated rubber (chlorinated rubber paint) cover coating is widely applied to ships, containers, harbor machinery, concrete, and various steel structures.

Founded in 1976, Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd is a specialized manufacture and supplier in the chlorinated rubber cover coating (chlorinated rubber paint)  field. With ISO9001:2000 certified, we can also offer floor paint, floor coating, industrial anti abrasive floor paint (abrasion and corrosion resistant coating), alkyd primer (alkyd paint), epoxy zinc rich primer (zinc primer paint), food container coating, bituminous epoxy paint, corrosion resistant coating, interior latex paint (interior wall coating), chlorinated polyethylene paint exterior wall paint (house exterior coating), and so on. Customers feel secure in using our chlorinated rubber cover coating in Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Holland, India, Mexico, and many countries and regions in Africa. If you need high quality chlorinated rubber paint and want to know more information in this field, we welcome you to contact us and to try our paint coating.


Mixture Ratio One-pot coating
Curing Time As long as it is stirred evenly.
Shelf Life Limitless
Coating Methods Airless spraying, air spraying, manual brushing and roller coating
Thinner X-14 Chlorinated rubber paint thinner
  Airless Spraying Air Spraying Brush Painting and Roller Coating
Maximum Dilution 5% 10% 3%
Spray Holes 0.4~0.5mm 2.0~2.5mm -
Spraying Pressure 12-15Mpa 0.3~0.4Mpa -
Tool Cleaning X-14 Chlorinated rubber paint thinner
Paint Film Thickness Wet film: 125um, Dry film: 35um
Coating Interval Substrate Temperature 0℃ 20℃ 30℃
The shortest interval 24h 8h 6h
The longest interval Limitless
Surface Treatment For the contaminated surface in former coating, remove oil and dust properly, or scrub it clean with the thinner for chlorinated rubber cover coating.
Application Conditions The substrate temperature should be at least 3℃ higher than the dew point, and the relative humidity is required to be less than 85%.
Preceding Coats Chlorinated rubber aluminum powder thick slurry anti-rust paint, high build chlorinated rubber iron red antirust paint, chlorinated rubber micaceous iron oxide anti-rust paint, epoxy MIO antirust paint, etc.


Color All colors
Gloss Semi-gloss
Theoretical Coverage 150g/m2
Specific Weight Approximately 1.15
Drying Time 23±2℃: Surface drying ≤2h, Complete drying ≤8h
Flash Point 38℃
Storage Life 12 months
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