Fireproof Paint, Decorative Paint, Corrosion Resistant Paint Manufacturer in China

Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd is a specialized manufacture and supplier in the paint and coating field.
Founded in 1976 in China with registered capital of over 5.4 million, Zhongbang Chemical now is a Group Company with years of experience, and endeavored to manufacture high-standard products for the market. There are Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd, Construction Engineering Company Ltd., Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd Chemical Plant subsidiaries.
Our Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd brand was named a well-known trademark both home and abroad. At home, we are approved by the ministry of agriculture, and we received ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system certification in 1997. Our products were recognized as a Chinese famous brand by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. For abroad, customers feel secure in using our fireproof coating (fireproof paint), floor paint, wall paint, epoxy primer, acrylic coating, alkyd primer (alkyd paint), and other products, in Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Holland, India, Mexico, and many countries and regions in Africa.

Products and Application
Here in Zhongbang Chemical Group, we provide a complete line of fireproof coating (fireproof paint), floor paint, wall paint, epoxy primer, acrylic coating, alkyd primer (alkyd paint), and related products. These superior products are popular for their countless applications in the fields of fire protection, corrosion prevention, electronics, architecture, decoration, ships, vehicles, plastics, industrial plants, communities, and so on. To list part of products as follows:
1. Fireproof Coating, Fireproof Paint
2. Floor Paint, Floor Coating
3. Epoxy Primer
4. Anti Rust Primer
5. Polyurethane Coating (PU Paint)
6. Acrylic Coating, Chlorinated Rubber Coating
7. Alkyd Primer (Alkyd Paint)
8. Heat Resistant Paint
9. Wall Paint
10. Corrosion Resistant Coating

Main Products
  • Outdoor Multifunction Fireproof Coating
  • Outdoor Multifunction Fireproof CoatingThis ZB60-4 type ultrathin steel fireproof coating (exterior steel structural fireproof painting) is used for outdoor steel profiles with multifunction ability. It can be ...
  • Tunnel Fireproof Coating
  • Tunnel Fireproof CoatingThis ZB tunnel fireproof coating (fireproof painting for concrete) is mainly used in concrete floor, and underground engineering of roads, railways ...
  • Industrial Anti Abrasive Floor Paint
  • Industrial Anti Abrasive Floor PaintThis ZBH-1 type industrial anti abrasive floor paint, is a kind of abrasion and corrosion resistant coating, which is widely used in highly abrasion and impact...
  • Solventless Floor Paint
  • Solventless Floor PaintThis ZBH-3 solventless floor paint is a kind of concrete floor coatings with flow auto matically abrasion resistant merits. It is widely used in the electronic and ...
  • Advanced Exterior Wall Paint
  • Advanced Exterior Wall PaintThis ZB97-2 type advanced exterior wall paint (house exterior coating) is made of acrylic copolymer emulsion, superior pigments and fillers, and additives...
  • Advanced Acrylic Outdoor Wall Paint
  • Advanced Acrylic Outdoor Wall PaintThis SB-1 type advanced acrylic exterior wall paint (acrylic wall coating) is composed of acrylic copolymer resin, superior pigments and fillers...
  • Interior Latex Paint
  • Interior Latex PaintThe interior latex paints (interior wall coating), is mainly made of styrene-acrylate copolymer emulsion, additives, quality pigments and fillers, the ...
  • Acrylic Finish Coating
  • Acrylic Finish CoatingThe acrylic finish coating (acrylic paint) can only be used under the conditions that the substrate temperature is at least 3℃ higher than the dew point, and the ...
  • Chlorinated Rubber Cover Coating
  • Chlorinated Rubber Cover CoatingThe chlorinated rubber cover coating (chlorinated rubber paint) is made of chlorinated rubber, pigments, plasticizer, additives, solvents, and more...
  • Indium
  • IndiumIndium is a chemical element with the short symbol In and atomic number 49. This rare product is very soft, malleable and easily fusible post-transition ...
  • Heat Resistant Paint
  • Heat Resistant PaintAs one-package inorganic, the heat resistant paint (high temperature protective coating) we offered can resist temperature from -80℃ to 1800℃, or even ...